If you find that VitalSleep isn’t the right fit for you within the first 60 days, you’re covered by our hassle-free return policy. Not only do we make returns easy, but we also provide 1 year of free replacements, ensuring that your sleep solution is always in perfect condition. Simply reach out to us at Our dedicated support team is here to process your refund promptly, with no complicated procedures to follow.

The Order you place today is one-time payment 
 NO Subscription – No Hidden Charges
60 Night Risk-Free Assurance – 90% Success Rate
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  1. How does VitalSleep work?
    Immerse VitalSleep in hot water for 45 seconds, let it cool for a few seconds more, insert it into your mouth, and gently bite down to create custom teeth impressions. Please follow the instructions included in your order. VitalSleep is now available in sizes for men and women.

  2. How do I adjust VitalSleep?
    VitalSleep has left and right nylon, medical grade screws that are easily adjustable to move the lower tray of the mouthpiece forward or back. An adjustment tool is included with your order. Turning each screw clockwise brings the lower jaw forward and increases the opening of your airway.

  3. What size should I order?
    We recommend men order the standard men’s size and women order the smaller women’s size, that is approximately 10% smaller in size.
    Men’s Size – L 1.87″ x W 2.47″ x H 93″
    Women’s Size – L 1.80″ x W 2.28″ x H .86″

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